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with the Right Companies

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As a recruitment company, we connect job seekers to open positions within banks and credit unions across the West. We are focused on making long-term matches between our client companies and our candidates. We save both the client and the candidate's time by ensuring they are a solid fit. If we do not have what you are looking for today, we might tomorrow.  

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Why Choose Us

As a job seeker, we want to know what is that you want and where you want it. For employers, we want to know what you need your new hire to accomplish for you. 

Satisfied Clients will use us for the next search and recommend us to others. Happy Candidates will recommend us to their friends. 

Part of The Gorge Group “respect” is to always be up front and truthful with both our Client Company and Job Seeker. 

Our goal for every placement is to call back several years later and find the Candidate still there and happy. We are not interested in "drive by" placements. 

Good, bad or indifferent news, we will keep our Client and Candidate Informed as to the status of the process. You will not have to guess. 

We check 2-3 references,

ask candidates about their situation, why they want to move, and what they want from a new opportunity before setting up an interview. 


Our Expertise

Serving the Banking and Credit Union Arena throughout the West

Processor to President role

From Processors to Presidents

From Processors to Presidents

We have the knowledge and experience to identify the qualities that make a placement successful.

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David Denos

"I had the pleasure of working directly with Mike for a recent career change. Mike was
extremely thoughtful and was not just wanting to find the perfect career move but also
made sure the career, city location, and state made sense for me and my family. We
could have not been happier with the choice to work with Mike. Mike truly cares about
all aspects of his client's life and follows up months and even a year afterwards to see
how things were going. I would and do highly recommend Mike to anyone.

- David Denos

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Ready to Discuss Your Needs

Whether you're looking for a career change or looking to hire top talent, please contact us today.

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