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What Will We Do For You?

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What to Expect

One of the first questions many managers ask us is, "What will you do for me?" We will save you time and increase the probability that the person you hire is what you expect them to be and will stay with your organization. Prior to bringing anyone to your attention, we will have prescreened every candidate.

Let us drive the process for you. The #1 reason that most candidates are lost is that the process takes to long and the candidate begins to believe that they are not going to get an offer. They then think of reasons that they didn't want this job. By maintaining contact with the candidate and pushing the process, you will have a much higher probability of getting the person you really want.

Use The GORGE GROUP. Make us earn our fee.

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Find Out Your Goals

We will take the time to find out what it is that you want this person to accomplish for you and your company immediately, in 6 months, in one year and long term.

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Understand Your Corporate Culture

We also need to understand your unique corporate culture, the area where the employee will be based and what it is that you have to offer other than a new job.

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Find Out Candidate's Goals

We will check 2 or 3 references, found out what their situation is regarding relocation, what it is that is motivating them to make a move, what motivates them to get out of bed each day and what they want from a new position.

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All Interviews 

We will schedule and coordinate every interview. You and your staff will not need to take your valuable time to track down the candidate and schedule either a telephone interview or a visit by the candidate. We will do that.

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Follow Up With Candidate & Client

We will speak to the candidate IMMEDIATELY after the interview. Immediately after speaking to the candidate, we will call you and give you the candidate's feedback.

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Accept Offer

We will know what offer the candidate will accept. There is nothing more frustrating than finding the person that you want and then having the offer turned down.

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Click each tip to learn more about how to successfully move through the interview process


Move Process Forward Quickly

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Develop Baseline Questions for All Candidates

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Focus on What the Candidate Can Do For the Company

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Understand the Candidate's Personality

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Don't Be Fooled

by First Impressions

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Use "Behavior

Based Questions"

Most job descriptions are not "Job Descriptions". They are descriptions of the person that the company is looking for to fill the position. By focusing on the challenges of the position and whether the Candidate can meet those challenges, you will have a better probability of hiring the "right-fit" Candidate.

Learning Experiences

First question to consider when interviewing a candidate

Ask the Candidate not only about what they have accomplished in their career, but also about where they have come short of their own expectations. What happened and what did they learn from failure or disappointment?

How does the Candidates career goals fit with what your company wants to accomplish?

Unless you are looking for someone to solve an immediate problem and then move on, ensure your Company goals and philosophy match the Candidates career goals and philosophy. You will have a much higher probability of hiring a long-term employee.

Second question to consider when interviewing a candidate

What are the immediate, short term (1 year) and long term (3-5 years) problems you need to have the candidate solve for you?

Third question to consider when interviewing a candidate

Focus your behavior based questions on whether the candidate has solved these type of problems in the past and how the candidate would go about solving similar problems in the future.

Sell the Opportunity!

There is always competition for talent. Constantly sell your opportunity to the Candidate. Let the Candidate know how your Company and your opportunity will help the Candidate meet their goals.

You must let the Candidate know what the benefit is to them of joining your Team.

Fourth question to consider when interviewing a candidate
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Search firms will conduct your search to fill that open position on either a Retained or Contingency basis, but what is the difference and which method is right for your specific project? The following information will help you decide how you want your search conducted.

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Contingency Search

A Contingency search is defined as a search in which you pay the recruiter ONLY after a candidate has been recruited and has accepted your offer of employment.

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Retained Search

In a Retained Search, you pay a retainer to the recruiter when you give them authorization to search on your behalf for candidates to fill a position.

How to Choose Between a Contingency and Retained Search

The primary deciding factor between Retained and Contingency searches is URGENCY. You need to ask yourself how important it is that your search be completed within a certain time frame and more importantly how important it is that the search be completed. To explain why this is important, you need to know how a recruiter determines what project to work on.


The most important factor that a recruiter looks at is time. A recruiter does not have an inventory to move. The recruiter only has his or her time and must decide where to most effectively use that time. In essence, where that investment of time will have the greatest probability of generating income is where they must spend it.

If you need to have multiple positions filled either immediately or over time, there are other arrangements that we can work out with you. These include, but are not limited to Engagement Fees, Rolling Retainers, etc. Call us and let us know about your project and we will be happy to make suggestions.

In all cases, it is important that you communicate with us. If we call you and leave a message, contact us as soon as possible. We don't call to pass the time of day. Tell us what the person who you need must have as far as background, what part of the background is important and what part of it you would like to have. More importantly, let us know what the person you hire needs to accomplish for you immediately and in the future. You can help us fill your key position by telling us what it is about your company that would make someone leave a perfectly good job and join your firm.

We look forward to assisting you in filling your critical positions.

  • What type of positions do you fill?
    Here are some of the Positions that we have filled: • President • Chief Financial Officer • Chief Lending Officer • Chief Credit Officer • Director of IT • Commercial Loan Officer • Agricultural Loan Officer • Financial Analyst • Manager of Consumer Loans • Manager of Mortgage Loans • Underwriter • Credit Analyst • Loan Processor • Branch Manager • Controller • Special Assets
  • Where do you find Candidates?
    Currently, The Gorge Group has approximately 40,000+ banking and credit union contacts in our database. Sources of contacts: • Direct calls in to various financial institutions • Referrals from existing Candidates, Managers or other Contacts • The internet • Company Websites • Resume Boards • Associations • Individuals registering at our website
  • What geography do you recruit in? What if I need help in several states?
    While the primary focus is on the Pacific Northwest (including Alaska, Rocky Mountain states) and Texas. We can assist wherever in the U.S. that you need help.
  • What do you charge and who pays it?
    The Client Company pays all fees. There is some variation based on the difficulty of the search; the number of positions that a client estimates it will have in the next twelve (12) months and the commitment of the Client Company to working with The Gorge Group.
  • How long will it take to fill the position?
    • How rare is the Candidate that you want? • Are you willing to relocate the right type of person? • Are your compensation and benefit programs competitive? • Why should someone leave a perfectly good job and go to work for you? • How focused is your hiring process? How long does it take? • How many Candidates will you insist on seeing? I can't answer your question until you answer ours. Each search is unique. After knowing your parameters, we can give you a "best guess". That will not be a guarantee.
  • What if I need to fill multiple positions or have special needs?
    If you have multiple positions to fill, ask us about a Rolling Retainer. This concept is specifically designed to meet this need.
  • Does The Gorge Group conduct background checks on the Candidates that you bring to us?
    We do a "Preliminary Background Review" prior to bringing a Candidate to you. This in essence is a confirmation with at least two (2) professional associates that the Candidate is as she/he presents themselves. As we receive these names from the Candidate, it is important that you conduct your normal checks. In our experience, our Client Companies will make an offer to the Candidate subject to a Credit Check, Criminal Background Check, Drug Screen, etc. Our background checks are "Preliminary" and are designed to find the obvious. We strongly recommend that you conduct the same background checks with Candidates that we bring to their attention as they would with someone that walked in off the street.
  • What other information will I receive on a Candidate?
    The Gorge Group has created "Profiles" designed to gather specific information for various positions. Each Candidate will complete the profile specific to that position. In addition, we request that you provide us with 3 to 6 specific questions that you would want each Candidate to answer. We will have each Candidate complete your custom profile. By using this tool, you will be able to eliminate Candidates that do not fit your needs prior to taking your time to talk to them.

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